How to Deactivate or Delete your Instagram Account in 3 Steps

The most popular social network Instagram has a dramatic growth of over 1 billion active users and still growing faster. It has become an integral part of day to day life. People waste their time in social media so much that they forget them self. According to the latest report users spend an average of 53 minutes per day in Instagram. so people wishes  to take a break, so they either deactivate or delete their accounts. You can’t delete your Instagram account from your app. Are you tired of social media, want to know how to delete Facebook account follow the step-by-step guide on Techdisney.

Deleting your account removes all your content like photos, videos, followers, likes, comments and profile information. Once your account is deleted you can’t retrieve your account back nor get any data. Deactivating your account will hide your profile from others. Your account will be temporarily disabled, all photos videos, likes, comments will be hidden. When you reactivate it immediately every content will be recovered. It is advisable to temporarily disable Instagram account instead of deleting.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

Instagram allows to back up of your data, photos, and information. Many people wonder how to delete Instagram on the phone, well! Instagram deletion process can be done on any device, it can be phone or PC it only need a browser in it. You can download your Instagram data from settings instead of using third-party applications. Follow the steps given below to delete your account.

  1. It is not possible to delete your account from the Instagram app, so go to from your mobile browser or computer.
  2. Log into Instagram account.
  3. Go to the ‘Delete Your Account page‘ on Instagram.
  4. Choose the reason for deleting your account in the drop menu.
  5. Re-enter your password and Click on the ‘Permanently delete my account‘ button.

It’s over, say good bye to Instagram. Think twice before deleting your account because you can’t retrieve back once its is deleted. Once the process is completed you can’t sign up with same email address or username again.

Delete Instagram Account
Delete Instagram Account: permanently delete instagram account

How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily

There is always a need to take a break from social media so you can deactivate your Instagram account instead of deleting it. Deactivating your account will hide you from others but sill you can come back. After deleting your account you might regrets so it is better to deactivate. When you are ready to return, reactivating is so simple,  logging back will entirely restore your account. It is not possible to temporarily disable Instagram account from mobile app.

  1. .Log into your instagram account from mobile browser or computer.
  2. Go to your profile screen and click on “Edit Profile” next to your name.
  3. select ‘Temporarily disable my account’ at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Choose your reason for deactivating your account from the drop-down menu and re-enter your password.
  5. After you choosing your reason and entering your password, click on  ‘Temporarily Disable Account
Delete Instagram Account: Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account

How to Reacivate Your Instagram Account?

However reactivating your Instagram account is so simple, to do so just log into your account with your login ID and password. Further if you have any problem in this issue contact Instagram Help Center directly.

How to Download Instagram Data?

Instagram allows you to download everything on your account in “JSON” machine readable format. There are many third-party applications and websites available on internet to download account data, it is not safe to use. You can download your Instagram data from android or iOS application. It takes around 2 days for Instagram to send your download link. follow the steps given below to download Instagram account data,

  • Open Instagram mobile application
  • Go to your profile and Tap on 3 lines.
  • Select Security > Download Data.
  • Enter your email address to receive your data and tap on Request Download.
  • Enter your password to complete the process.
  • You will son receive a mail with download link to download your data.

If you are concerned about your privacy you don’t have to delete or deactivate your account. Moving to private Instagram profile is the best way. In this way your data’s can’t be accessed publicly, only your followers can view your content. It is always better to limit your information on any social media, never give any personal information on any platform.

Here’s a recap of steps to delete Instagram account,

  • Go to the ‘Delete Your Account page‘ of Instagram.
  • Choose the reason for deleting your account and re-enter your password.
  • Click on the ‘Permanently delete my account‘ button.

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