How to Delete your Facebook Account

Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform. Being the worlds largest social networking platform it lacks in security and privacy. Most of the people are concerned about their online privacy, so they either deactivate or delete. Most of the people are deleting their account as they lost the trust on Facebook privacy. If you’r one among them or you want to move away from Facebook just because of spending so much time in it. You can also delete Facebook account in mobile. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to delete your Facebook account.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Difference Between Deleting and Deactivating

Deactivating your account will hide all your information, timeline, photos status etc.. If you want to return to Facebook you can regain the access by just logging into your account. But your account will be no longer visible to you friends.

Basically, deleting your Facebook account deletes all of your data’s permanently. People won’t be able to see your profile anymore. You still have a chance because Facebook delays the deletion process for few days, within that time if you log in, your account will be reactivated.

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Follow the steps given to deactivate your account,


Go to  Facebook settings.


Click on ‘Your Facebook information‘ on the left column.

Step 3

Tap on ‘Deactivation and deletion


Then choose ‘Deactivate account‘ , and follow few steps to complete the process.


Select the reason for deactivating your account and if you wish to have your messenger active, select “Keep Using Messenger” and proceed to deactivate.

The reactivating process is so simple that you just have to log into your account again.

How to delete your Facebook account permanently

Think twice before doing this process because once you delete your account you can’t retrieve it.  In some cases it is possible to reactivate within 30 days. If you want to download all your data before deleting it permanently follow the steps, go to Account > settings > General >  Download a copy of your Facebook data. By doing this process you can download your account data. Follow the steps given below to delete your account.


Open your Facebook account.


Go to Facebook settings.


Click on ‘Your Facebook information‘ on the left column.


Tap on ‘Deactivation and deletion‘ menu.


Then choose ‘Permanently delete account‘ and follow few steps to complete the process.

You have successfully deleted your Facebook account.

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